PaymentSpring Documentation

The PaymentSpring gateway is a powerful platform that can be used in many different ways to process your credit card transactions while helping you mitigate PCI compliance. Our Manage interface makes it easy for you to process your credit card transactions from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone with internet access. We also offer a RESTful API that allows you to integrate nearly any system with our gateway.

Using Our Manage Interface

Learn how to use our gateway to manually process your credit cards, store credit cards, and set up recurring payments.

PCI Compliance

Learn how PaymentSpring can make PCI compliance easier for you.


Would you like to integrate our gateway with your website? If you want to automate, integrate, or handle your payments more efficiently our API is your toolbox. The API is based on a RESTful design so that you can easily integrate our software into yours. The public API is the foundation for all of the tools, widgets, and management portals that we build and make available to merchants. No private APIs here.